Becoming the n°1 photo printing app in Europe

LALALAB is a mobile app that provides the most simple solution to print photo products directly from your phone and get them delivered straight to your door. I’ve been its Product Designer since 2014, and has focused especially on User Experience to continue the company’s historic growth rates.

App Store Optimisation

Building great ASO is more about science than art. Finding the right assets, driving the most relevant messages and matching user expectations are crucial to mastering App Store Optimisation strategy.

Building a rocket conversion rate

A designer’s ability to work well with others is key. Crafting wireframes, workflows, and prototypes, I work closely with the Product Manager to make the most out of the Analytic metrics to highly increase our app conversion.

Working with the Aquisition Manager and external agencies, I create ads in formats including video, photo, GIF and print to find strategies to lower acquisition costs and facilitate the LALALAB’s growth.

Scaling and Building
a Design System

Great design goes beyond just making things pretty. My experience allows me to rise to the challenge of working between the Product and Dev teams to implement new features and products while ensuring the conversion rate stays high in the process.