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Print great moments from your phone to your home

With 13 million downloads and over 265 million photos printed, Lalalab is a mobile app that makes it simple to turn the digital shots you love into real-life prints, posters, albums, and other creative keepsakes.

I’ve been partnering with Lalalab for +7 years, and see it grow from being an early stage startup to the European leader they became today.

My role

Ux Research

Design Facilitation

UI Design 



Print your photos, wherever they are stored

Users can access their Google Photos account, Dropbox, Instagram, and more photo storage platforms directly from the app. The system was designed to make it simple to filter, see, find and select photos. We added features like a long-press to zoom, a select-all button, access to shared albums, and more.

Make it easy, fast, and enjoyable.

The essence of the app is to create beautiful products, easily and quickly. When adding a new feature, we first had to assess if it made it easier for the customer to create a product. With so many creative options available, it was critical to design a cohesive experience, and guide users as much as possible (with pre-designed templates, or tools to design in 1 clic.

Anticipate errors by providing smart solutions

We implemented Google places autocomplete for address filling. This was done in order to avoid user mistakes and reduce the risk of orders never reaching destination. We’ve added several features to anticipate potential critical error such as : Solutions like Smart Photo Crop, Password-less Authentification, Photo Duplicate Warning, etc.

User research, A/B testing, and tracking to validate hypotesis

We regularly A/B tested minor features using a small percentage of users to find which solution worked best for them. For more complex solutions, we conducted research or user testing (in person or remotely). Finally, monitoring and qualitative feedback were key to understand users behaviors through time and releases. 

Implementing a design system

I’ve been maintaining a design system up to date since 2015. Platforms have changed (Photoshop to Sketch, to Figma), but we always chose the tools that worked best for the teams. 

Summary & Results

Hi! I'm Ylies. I have over 9 years of industry experience, from working with startups to big companies, from concepts to final deliverables. Looking for collaboration for your next project?

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