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Le Collectionist

Extraordinary holidays rentals and tailor-made services around the world

I collaborated with Le Collectionist to improve the quality of their leads and the conversion rate of their Homepage and “Villa” page, ultimately of their booking rate.

The challenge here was to design a solution that could quickly bring value without completely disrupting the initial booking process (no direct online booking).

My role

Ux Design       Design Facilitation       Branding & UI Design

A Homepage as your personal guide

We reduced the bounce rate on the Homepage by focusing on guiding and inspiring users. We used data to redesign the search experience by adding recommendations, seasonal house sections and top destinations links. We emphasized on what actually made Le Collectionist so special, and showed how reliable and trustworthy the company is.

Accurate pricing and seamless contact form

In order to provide accurate prices, we needed to have up to date knowledge of house availabilities. We partnered with house managers to set up an automatic Customer Relationship Management process that led to significant improvements in data accuracy. We also decided to merge the contact form within the pricing form to reduce friction (user was previously redirected to a new page). Contact form conversion rate improved by +89%.

More than a house rental

Le Collectionist goes beyond your classic holiday. Each stay is paired with conciergerie services and personal assistants. “Tailors” can organise and hand craft experiences with incomparable attention to detail and pull inspiration from your desires and passions.

Making sure reality matches your expectations

Photos are one of the most valued criteria when picking a house according to user feedback. Besides making sure assets would be displayed in high quality, we redesigned the carousel to improve navigation and avoid cropped photos. The photo classification update has been paired with a clear process designed hand with hand with Le Collectionist House managers.

Implementing a design system

Implementing a design sytem allowed better communication among teams, faster prototyping and implementation. In this spirit, we created a font-icon that made the icon library easier to manage. We also made sure photos and content could be updated dynamically.

Summary & Results

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