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Simplify your company car park access and make it collaborative.

Zenpark participates in improving sustainable urban mobility and building smart cities. As of today, their solutions contribute to saving 1,500 metric tons of CO2 every year.

I was tasked to design “Flex”, a new product that facilitates employees daily mobility and helps park managers to optimise the usage and safety of companies car parks.

My role

Ux Research       Design Facilitation       UI Design

Testing all along the design process

Discovery is critical when building a new product.
I organized design workshops with key stakeholders in order to design interactive prototypes. The mockups were then be presented to potential clients by Sales and Product Owners. This step was paramount to make quick iterations, shape a Minimum Viable Product, and deliver a product that fits the market expectations.

Enabling autonomous onboarding

We designed a flexible onboarding process to enable companies to manage their own set up of the tool. We provided easy to use templates to mass update the solution with data. This allowed us to focus development ressources on other features more important.

Offer more space for more employees

Zenpark Pro Flex allows companies to offer unused spaces to all employees based on their needs and schedule. For instance this solution gives you enough space for 300 employees with a car park of only 100 spaces. Park Managers can also apply specific rules to specific collaborators in order to make sure everyone can have a fair access to the car park.

Booking of spaces by employees

Employees update their parking needs from their Flex mobile app or free up a space that has been allocated to them. They will get a phone and email notification to confirm their booking. The app can be used as an ID to enter the car park, thus limiting potential safety issues (lost badges, unregulated shared access, no possibility to assign places, etc).

Implementing a design system

I designed a system close to the “pro” Zenpark brand, knowing this product will be just one piece of the new company offer.


Hi! I'm Ylies. I have over 9 years of industry experience, from working with startups to big companies, from concepts to final deliverables. Looking for collaboration for your next project?

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