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Family news shared your way, received their way.

With almost 1.3 million users around the world, Fizzer helps people spoil their closed ones with personalized photo creations for any occasion.

I collaborated with the Fizzer Team on the launch of their new product : La Gazette Familiale. This is an easy and fun way for families to share news with grandparents through a personalized monthly newspaper.

My role

Ux Research       Design Facilitation

Create a Gazette in a snap

La Gazette Familiale is a very unique product within their offer, both in terms of business model and collaborative systems. The challenge here was to find a way to embed La Gazette in the existing app while keeping a seamless experience.

Create, customize and manage posts

Data helped us in defining a Minimum Viable Product in terms of customization options. The goal was to optimize the conversion rate by giving users only the tools they really needed. From there we would be gathering direct feedback from clients in order to build a more complete editing tool.

Invite a family member to collaborate

We decided to implement an invitation system based on “magic” links. This feature made sense in terms of security, but also ensured that every type of user could have a way to share or join the project. Invitation links could be shared through email, sms, or social media messaging.

Making sure we cover every scenario

This new product implied different types of users (admin, free members, teenagers, parents…). It was key to work with personas to help us cover all user journeys. It was also important to share these scenarii early on with the development team since it would be the foundation of the UX that’ll be build after.

Summary & Results

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